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Wielkie Chełmy
From the end of XIX century a property of Sikorsky�s family � their Memory place is situated near to the church in Brusy. In years 1852-53 family build a manor in neogothic stile. A lot of politics and economic activists stayed here. At the beginning of XX century manor was developed. Polish President Mr Stanislaw Woyciechowsky was guest of Wielkie Chelmy, and other known people � professor Kazimierz Nitsch, composer Feliks Nowowiejsky and General Jozef Haller and Roman Dmowski. At the time of WW2 Germans took Wielkie Chelmy and they created there quarter of SS and �Jagdkomando�. Around manor is great park established in XVIII c. with many nature monuments and trees: limes, ashes, elms, maples and oaks. In 1945 at the time of reform whole estate was partitioned manor was changed into w primary school. 1st of September 1999 school was named after Stanislaw Sikorski. Stanislaw Sikorski was first starosta (local authority) in province in II Polish Republic, Pope�s Chambellan, Kashubian landowner, national activist, and deputy in Prussian Parliament, realizator of organic work in Pomerania. He was born 9th of February 1855 year in Wielkie Chelmy as a son of Wielkie Chelmy and other estate owners. After finishing gymnasium in Chojnice he finish Technical University with bridge building specialisation. In 1883 he became administrator over Wielkie Chelmy which later became his property. He continues modern management. Profits from his work allow him to buy next estates. Having giant possessions he was investing also in industry and sales. He was shareholder of company from Czersk � where he was also vice president of the border. In 1898 Stanislaw Sikorski together with priest Bolt organised mass-company Merchant (in Polish �Kupiec�) and in 1904 company Bazaar (in Polish �Bazar�), in 1913 �Ceres�(which took steam-mill with bakery and enterprise selling cereals from private owners). Sikorski was also a member of Landowner Union established in 1900. He was participating in every Polish society activity. He was founder and also the president of Polish-Catholic National Society (in Polish Polsko-Katolickie Towarzystwo Ludowe) in Brusy. As a cashier of Science Friend Society (in Polish Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Nauk) acting for Parish Brusy and Lesno he encourage and draw to this Society many peasants. Sikorsky�s position in society and possession was the reason why he was in the middle of politics actions. In 1908 he became deputy in Prussian Parliament from Lubawa region. Receiving many honour functions was a demonstration of his authority. In church matters Sikorski worked among others with priest Drapiewski from Swornegacie. In 1913 for everything what Sikorski has done for church he received title of honour Chambellan from Pope Pius X. From 1919 he was a starosta (local authority). His secretary was Kashubian writer Ann Lajming.

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