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< Powrót do strony głównej • 8 sierpnia 2020r.
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Here in 1904 in famous name family � Zmuda Trzebiatowsky � was born a little girl � Anna Laiming � author of many spectacles, novels and memoirs. She writes in Polish but content and many Kashubian dialogues in her works gave her suitable place in Kashubian literature. In her novels she is coming back into a world of childhood and youth spend within Kashubian environment. Surrounded by forests, sandy hills and azure lakes her character live with hard, poor lives but full of honesty for world and people. When you will be in Przy6muszewo take a look at the three oaks in Primary School � Pilsudski, Moscicki and Haller planted in 1904 in commemoration of resolving of first Polish Constitution called � 3rd of May�.

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