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Village – situated 3 kilometres in south-east from Brusy, on a track to Czersk. About 1000 residents. Village dates from 1324 year. BATLLE WITH SWEDES – 2ND OF SEPTEMBER 1659 YEAR In the woods behind the village Kosobudy Polish Heuptman Czarnecki commanding Polish worriers took Swedes by surprise when they were sleeping. Swedes were totally bitten. Many years later at the time of WW2 when workers were making embankment for track Berlin – Krolewiec they found more that 200 human skeletons. Because of German scrupulous they send discovery for age-tests to Berlin. Polish suspicious that bones were from WW1 were unfounded – because Germans found out that the skeletons were from second part of XVII century – so those were Swedes skeletons. Legend says that the battle was so bloody that the earth became red. 16th of July 1998 year there have been consternate a cross in commemoration of battle in the woods near to Kosobudy. Court industry was represented by: mill (already noted in XIV century), brewery and brickfield from XVIII century and glass-works which was establish only few years before partition of Poland. Distanced 5 kilometres from Kosobud glass-works was mention in 1772 as Kossadudsche Glasshütte. In eighties XX century one of the village Huta farmers found at the land work glass remainders and archaeological research proved that the glass was made in local glass-works. Over the village is situated a figure of St. John Nepomucen made in 1925 as gratitude gesture of village - people saved from the WW1. According to the legend everyone who will damage or destroy this figure will be punished.

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