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City and territory of Brusy is a part of Kaszuby and Tucholsky Forrest (Bory Tucholskie). Brusy from centuries were important in Zabory (subregion in South part of Kashuby). People who live (...) więcej

Beautiful landscape with watermill build in 1903, old house from 1929 and chapel build in commemoration of two visits of John Paul II in 1953 and 1966 at the time of canoe rafting on Brda. (...) więcej

Here in 1904 in famous name family � Zmuda Trzebiatowsky � was born a little girl � Anna Laiming � author of many spectacles, novels and memoirs. She writes in (...) więcej

Here in 1929 were born Stanislaw Pestka � commentator, Kashubian activist and poet �who always sign his Kashubian texts under the pseudonym of Jan Zbrzyca. This pseudonym comes (...) więcej

Village established on the spot where was a tavern in the middle-ages. Eight kilometres farther from Mecikal Mylofie you will find one in the kind dam for Brda river with water falling in (...) więcej

Village – situated 3 kilometres in south-east from Brusy, on a track to Czersk. About 1000 residents. Village dates from 1324 year. BATLLE WITH SWEDES – 2ND OF SEPTEMBER 1659 YEAR (...) więcej

First note about Lesno village comes from 1354 from giving knight�s villages to Ditrich by Great Master of Germans Order - Winrych von Kniprode. In land granting document is listed (...) więcej

Kaszuba is a small village situated at the end of Zabory. Virgin nature and sandy area reigned this place. In village you will find also manor of family Kossak � Gloczewscy build in (...) więcej

This is a natural scansen where each eleven house is a monument. At entry you will find field-chapel surrounded by birches build in 1900 year. The village is situated in small valley (...) więcej

As a village existed already in times of Dukes of Pomerania. In 1354 Zygfryd von Garlichskein again placed village in Chelm�s law. At entry you will find renovated Jesus Christ figure. (...) więcej

From the end of XIX century a property of Sikorsky�s family � their Memory place is situated near to the church in Brusy. In years 1852-53 family build a manor in neogothic (...) więcej

In Orlik worth of attention is Convent of Franciscan from Christian Penance and Love from XX century with monumental and interesting architecture. see on a więcej

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